Bozeman, MT - Victim Dies in Hit-and-Run Crash on Gallatin Rd at MM 71

Bozeman, MT (July 9, 2024) – The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) and Montana Highway Patrol (MHP) reported that on Tuesday, July 9, a rollover crash took place on Gallatin Road and resulted in the death of one victim at the scene.

GCSO and MHP are now asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the driver of a dark sedan that was reportedly weaving through traffic at a high speed, which may have been a cause of the crash. It’s unclear if any other motorists were involved in the incident, and EMTs did not specify the number of victims assessed for injuries.

According to GCSO, at approximately 5:45 p.m., the rollover collision occurred on Gallatin Road at mile marker 71, just north of Gallatin Canyon. However, no additional information is currently available regarding the suspect driver. In the interim, an investigation is still ongoing, and citations may be pending.

We offer our sincere condolences to the deceased man’s family. Our thoughts are extended to any injured victims and their loved ones at this time. We hope for his full recovery.

Deadly Vehicle Collisions in Montana

Nearly 40,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents occurred nationwide in one recent year, resulting in thousands more fatalities. Moreover, every year, there are 21.6 fatalities per 100,000 individuals in Montana. This is the fifth-highest fatality rate in the country per 100,000 people and is nearly twice the national average of 12.9 deaths per 100,000 people. Tragically, Gallatin County experienced the seventh-highest number of roadway fatalities in Montana over the last decade.

Car accidents occur in Montana’s rural and urban areas, as is the case nationwide. Nevertheless, rural areas account for roughly 75% of Montana’s fatal auto accidents, while urban areas or unreported locations account for the remainder. Unsurprisingly, intersections and highways are hotspots for serious auto accidents. And, of course, most individuals do not anticipate being killed or sustaining severe bodily injuries when they embark on a day trip to a park or the mall in their vehicles. In a matter of seconds, however, a car accident can occur, upending the lives of victims and their families.

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